Misty Gordon, Medication Aide Program Manager for Avamere in Oregon

“We spend way too much time at work to not be happy in your chosen career path.”

A happy nursing career

Misty Gordon, RN with Avamere, firmly believes in happiness in your career, and she infuses this goal into all aspects of her work as Avamere’s Medication Aide Program Director.

Among the benefits, she mentioned:

Misty firmly believes in helping employees to advance their healthcare career.

“When we succeed in our own careers, it creates that personal satisfaction,” she shared, “and it really just bleeds over into all other aspects of your life.”

Teaching nursing

After serving as a CNA for 10 years, Misty re-applied for the nursing program at Trident Technical College in South Carolina.

Now she teaches nursing at Avamere, something she says was engrained through her entire nursing career. She worked as a CNA at a teaching hospital, Medical University of South Carolina, where she educated patients on decreasing pain levels and more.

Getting to know Misty

During this special episode, Misty also shared a bit about her own life.

She is the mom of seven in a blended family with her first grandchild on the way. As a CNA 2, Misty was a single mom of three and found support in her sister Karen and Karen’s husband Tony. Working two jobs and 16-hour shifts, Misty says it was all worth it.

Today in addition to her work with Avamere, Misty serves as a nurse observer with Headmaster, which manages CNA and CMA certifications. She is a member of the CMA and CNA Advisory Board and will participate in the CMA Test Advisory Panel this year.

Hear some highlights of Misty’s special episode below and listen to the full episode anytime at PeopleOfAvamere.com. Also available on Google Podcasts and Spotify!