Helping seniors downsize organization

Helping Seniors Downsize: Floor Plan and Organization

For both seniors and their caregivers, moving can be a complex process. Whether your senior loved one is moving into a senior living community or any other location, there are often many possessions and items to consider, on top of any movement or other physical issues the senior in question may have.

At Avamere at Mountain Ridge, we’re happy to assist seniors and their loved ones with numerous parts of the move to our assisted living community, from selecting important features and accommodations to the actual move itself. One major concept that’s often at play here: downsizing. Many seniors have built up quite an accumulation of possessions over the years, and these can’t always come with them during a move. In this two-part blog series, we’ll go over some tips we often provide to seniors and their loved ones as they downsize for any move, whether to one of our communities or elsewhere. 

Go over new location floor plan

First and foremost, before you begin any part of the downsizing process, take a look at your loved one’s new living space and get to know the floor plan. This will help you better visualize how much space is available for belongings and what kinds of furniture or decor might be best suited. You don’t want to downsize your loved one’s possessions only to find out they can’t even fit everything in their new home!

Possessions that matter most

Once you have an idea of the layout and space available, start thinking about what possessions are most important to your loved one. For many seniors, sentimental items and photos are key, as well as any important documents or keepsakes. You may also want to think about what everyday items your loved one will need access to on a regular basis, such as clothing, medications, and toiletries.

One quick note: If you’re helping a senior loved one downsize for a move to a senior living community, remember that the community will likely have some of its own furniture and decor your loved one can use and enjoy. Don’t feel like everything needs to be brought over from their old home, and coordinate these themes with staff from the community your loved one is moving to.

Sort and categorize

Now it’s time for the actual sorting and categorizing! Start by gathering all of your loved one’s possessions together in one place. This might be a difficult task, but it’s important to have everything in one spot so you can get an accurate picture of what needs to go.

From there, start dividing everything into categories: sentimental items, necessary items, photos, etc. You can further subdivide these categories as needed, but try to be as specific as possible. This will help make the downsizing process much simpler and less overwhelming.

For more on how to help your senior loved one downsize before a move, or to learn about our senior living communities and the programs and services we offer, speak to the team at Avamere at Mountain Ridge today.